Monday, September 5, 2011

The durability of a photo on canvas & image on canvas are significantly better than a digital print

In 1816, Nicephore Niepce invented usable photography. Although he wasn't the first man in the world to capture images, he was the first to capture a permanent photographic image that actually seemed to last. The quest to capture images that will last for eons continues and evolves - and that evolution has produced photos on canvas.

 The durability of a photo on canvas is significantly better than a digital print photograph. Canvas is a durable and resistant material that can last for decades. One of the best formats for capturing a photo that can be admired for many years is through the photo on canvas process.

The life of a photograph varies and greatly depends on how it was printed and what it was printed on. Photos on canvas are printed on a material that ensures longevity. The material of canvas even has a unique and charming quality to it as it gets older.

If life expectancy is an issue then placing an image on canvas is a good way to ensure the image will last. Photos that are not placed on canvas have a higher probability of needing photo restoration in the future. Over time, photographs can become wrinkled; water damaged, and faded which requires a retouching process. What once was a memorable and sentimental image, transforms into an indistinguishable blur.

The restoration process often has to manipulate the photo or image until it's entirely new. Photos on canvas maintain the contrast, sharpness, and color levels of the photo. A photo on canvas will endure for a hundred years without a need for any restoration.

 Handle with Care

Photographs must be properly stored and cared for in order to last for longer periods of time, but photos on canvas are different. They don't require the same amount of energy and time in upkeep as traditional photographs but last significantly longer than traditional photos. The difference between canvas and traditional photographs can also be felt and seen.

The canvas photos tend to feel more in depth both physically and visually. In addition to a visual difference, photos on canvas have a more diverse range in sizes for the image. Some images can be transferred on a canvas that measures 50 by 70 inches.

 Things to Remember

In order to ensure that your photo on canvas lasts for a century there are certain steps that you can take. First, make sure that the photo on canvas is not placed in an area where it will receive lots of direct sunlight. Sunlight simply doesn't mix well with any photograph, including one on canvas. Secondly, remember that water is the enemy of a photo. Humidity and moisture will slowly kill the image over time.

A canvas should be stored in a dry area. Last, keep the canvas clean so that small particles in the air don't permanently adhere to the photo over time. Often times, a small soft brush is sufficient. If you want an image to last a hundred years, a photo on canvas is an excellent investment.

 To have one of your photos printed on canvas, you simply need to upload your digital photo to an online company that specializes in canvas printing. Your photo will be carefully analyzed to determine whether or not it is suitable for canvas printing. Only photos that can be used to create art quality canvas prints are used, so you never pay for a disappointing end product.

After thorough assessment, your photo is digitally manipulated by professional artists to ensure it will produce a top quality canvas print. If necessary, alterations are made to the image to improve its appearance. Finally, your photo is converted to the format of your choice. It may appear as a photo realistic image, or it could be altered to contain simulated paint strokes so it resembles an oil painting. Your image is then printed on your choice of canvas products.

 People who have some idea about paintings are well aware of the pain and time it takes to create an artwork. It is quite disheartening for a painter to get prices for his paintings that do not do justice to his effort and hard work. Therefore, the artists can think of making multiple copies of their artwork by printing on canvas and extending them by machines.

 There are so many ways that you can use a photo canvas. It's one of the most versatile gift ideas you can give. If you are looking for anniversary gifts or birthday gifts, you won't do better than making your photo into a piece of art.

Here are some great tips for getting the most of these wonderful personalized gifts. If you're choosing a photo canvas company, check on the quality of their photo gifts. Some companies may print your photo on a material with a cheap, plastic finish. Avoid those, and look for companies that use real, woven canvas, just like the material that you see in art galleries.

This will give you an excellent quality gift that the recipient will be proud to display in any room in the house. Find a material that's soft and tough, so that it's not likely to crack. The frame choice is also important, as you need a good solid frame over which to stretch your photo canvas.


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